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Five Rivers teaching philosophy is based on the phrase “Use it or lose it".  We will create a classroom environment and activities that will move your language learning from passive learning to active participation.Five Rivers Teachers are all trained in the “Growing Participator Approach” (GPA).  GPA uses interactive and intuitive teaching methods to naturally improve your language quickly and effectively.


For students brand new to Chinese, Five Rivers has created its own beginner’s book, “Your First 20 Lessons” that integrates Mandarin survival phrases with GPA, Pinyin practice, Lexicarry pictures, Total Physical Response as well as an introduction to Chinese Characters. Our goal for you starting with this book is simple. Build a better foundation, faster!

Our main curriculum, Chinese Made Easier (by Martin Symonds),concentrates on everyday topics with clear and simple grammar explanations that will allow you to be communicating with those around you in no time. For years many foreigners have considered ‘Chinese Made Easier’ to be one of the most helpful curricula in acquiring everyday Mandarin.

You can also choose the “Growing Participator Approach, (GPA) which will take you through 6 phases of language learning starting from beginner, then progressing to “story building”, “shared stories”, “deep life sharing” and then finally the “Native to Native” and “Self-Sustaining Growth” Phases.


Teaching Chinese culture is integrated into Five Rivers normal classroom experience. We believe language and culture are inseparable. However, in addition to the normal classroom experience, Five Rivers provides a number of other opportunities to learn about Chinese culture such as Immersion Day Trips, Chengdu Cultural Orientations for businesses and schools, Free Workshops and Cultural Seminars.